Hula Hoop Exercises – What You Need To Know


Exercise regimens come and go. There are simply a lot of ways to get fit these days. There are exercise balls, complex gym equipment, and power treadmills. With all these equipment, you will lose weight as easy as a walk in the park, right? Wrong. Despite the advancement in exercise technology, some things need to remain simple for it to work. This is where a good hula hoop comes into picture.

If you want to have a smaller waistline, all you really have to do is to work on the hula hoop several times a day. That’s all there is to it. No complicated routines to memorize. No special techniques to think about. Just let the hoop whirl around your waist for at least two minutes several times in a day and you should be all set. That, or devote an hour or so of your time to work with a hula hoop to burn all those extra inches away.

There are different types of hula hoops available at fitness centers these days. The heavier the hoops, the more intense workout you can expect. The lighter ones are ideal for you if you are relatively new to this kind of exercise regimen. Make yourself familiar as to how to keep the hoop swirling around your waist the longest time possible. Once you are used to it, you can switch to the heavier hoops to burn more calories. You can also use two hula hoops at a time for maximum effects.

Hula hoop exercise routines are fun and easy to learn. Furthermore, you don’t need to devote too much time on each session. You can actually do a workout while watching the TV. Every time the show cues for a commercial, get on your hoops and do some exercise routine. Two minutes several times in a day are all you need to sculpt your waist area for a slimmer figure.

Hula hoop exercise routines are considered light exercises that wouldn’t put too much strain on your body. But you are expected to sweat as much and burn as much calorie as in a regular aerobic routine. Plus, you won’t need any special training and a personal instructor to enjoy the calorie-burning advantage of hula hoops. It is the same toy you’ve enjoyed when you were just a child. And it is the same thing that you can use now, as an adult, to transform your fat belly into the perfect abdominals.

Hula hoops history

The invent and use of the hula hoop has been around for a long, long time. It has been used by many different cultures and for a variety of different purposes. For example, it has been identified that the people of ancient Greece were one of the first who discovered hula hoop exercise. The people of Egypt, some 3,000 years ago, constructed hoops from grape vines that were plentiful and propelled them around the ground with the use of sticks. The Native Americans utilized hoops for target practice as a method for demonstrating accuracy for hunting purposes.

Hula hoop 2018The root word of “hula” derived back in the early 18th century from Hawaii because sailors there saw a connection between the tripping hoops and hula dancing. In recent times, two individuals, Richard Knerr and Arthur Melin, reinvented the hula hoop and founded the Wham-O Toy company back in 1957. They originally got the idea from an Australian who once had taken a trip to California and told both men about how he saw children back home spinning hoops made from bamboo around their waists in gym class.

From that point, Knerr and Melin constructed hula hoops from a durable plastic and targeted the products toward children. When the hula hoop was officially released in 1958, the Wham-O Toy company sold more than 25 Million units in four months and well over 100+ Million units in the course of the first year.

In today’s market, the hula hoop has transformed from a toy for children to quite a fitness tool for active adults. There are a variety of different hula hoop workout programs and exercise routines to help adults get in shape while having a lot of fun. The Nintendo Wii Game Console has taken gaming to an entire new level by introducing the Wii Fit which allows kids and adults to get in shape with a variety of different exercises.

Why is the Wii Fit important in this discussion? Well, it’s because one of the games involves hula hoop exercises as part of an aerobic exercise routine. We’ll cover the Wii Fit more in depth in following articles. The bottom line is that a lot of people these days are trying to get in better shape by losing unwanted weight and the hula hoop exercise has become a very popular form of exercise to help this cause.